To: The Mississippi State Senate and Governor Phil Bryant


Mississippi currently has over a half million citizens who cannot pay for health insurance or medical care. Their resulting health problems affect us all---in lost productivity, higher subsidized emergency care, and increased private insurance premiums.

The Affordable Care Act seeks to remedy this situation by allowing states to expand Medicaid coverage with Federal dollars.

By accepting this opportunity, MS can cover our lowest-income citizens with cost-efficient health insurance while creating new jobs and increasing state revenue. If Federal dollars are rejected, our Federal income taxes will fund Medicaid expansion in most other states, but not here, and the poor will suffer needlessly.

Please help us tell Gov. Bryant and our state legislature that we believe Medicaid expansion is a win-win solution for everybody.

Why is this important?

My State Senator, Melanie Sojourner, asked for feedback on this issue. After discussing this subject on her facebook page, I have decided MoveOn needs to MoveOn to Mississippi.


Reasons for signing

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