To: United Nations

Mobilize the U.N. Security Council to declare Fukushima a global emergency

Whereas, TEPCO, the owners of the failed nuclear reactor at Fukushima in Japan have failed to contain radioactivity from polluting the Pacific Ocean and other surrounding areas since March of 2011; and Whereas the containment vessels on the site are now emitting lethal levels of radioactivity; and Whereas up until recently, Japan has allowed the private company to deal with the disaster as an internal matter and now TEPCO has admitted to being powerless to address the escalating crisis - We the People of the Planet Earth petition the United Nations to declare the disaster a global emergency and to mobilize the scientific, technological and human resources necessary to bring this crisis to a safe conclusion.

Why is this important?

This petition is about trying to protect my Family (immediate and global) from the most immediate threat to their security - namely, an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction at the Fukushima reactor site in Japan. Whether it helps or not is up to all of us. It might make no difference at all but if we don't at least try to change course, we will most certainly get where we are heading and that is no place I want for my children or anybody else's. Thank you. Your sister in Hope, Joyce Katzberg (Rhode Island, USA)