To: Governor Kristi Noem

Molly's Law

Make child abuse a felony in the State of South Dakota and prevent Day Care providers that have been formally charged from operating a Day Care while under investigation.

Why is this important?

In Union County, SD, a child was abused while at day care. An indictment was handed down that charges the sole day care provider with child abuse. The provider is allowed to continue her day care business. The charge of child abuse is a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 1 year. The child that was injured was 2 years old. This petition is the voice of the child.


Reasons for signing

  • I have friends that do day care and are very well educated on this subject and are state licensed...I think all day care providers should have to be licensed through the state to be held accountable for their actions and should have to be reviewed by the state on a monthly or every 3 months or what ever is set up in the guidelines for state licensed facilities. I believe this will cut down on a lot of the abuse that goes on in the daycares.
  • We must protect children from predatory adults and youth.
  • 34 yrs ago I lobbied the SD legislature regarding daycare not being licensed. My child was sexually abused at daycare. Maybe someday, somehow they will wake up in this state!