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Moms and Supporters Say "Stop Spraying Glyphosate!"

We ask you not to ignore the risk of spraying glyphosate, a chemical in Roundup and other herbicides, on our school yards, public parks and spaces, gardens, and food crops. Err on the side of safety. Please stop spraying glyphosate today.

Instead, use natural pesticides, boiling water or vinegar and bio-ag practices to balance the soil and reduce weeds, or recruit a troop of Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts for a regular service project to pull weeds. Together we can create a safer environment for our children and citizens.

Thank you.
Moms Across America
and Supporters

Why is this important?

Moms Across America and supporters are learning about the staggering correlation between Glyphosate ( found in many herbicides, including RoundUp) and many western diseases such as autism, allergies, alzheimers, auto immune disorders, leukemia, kidney failure and cancer, which are affecting our children and nation at alarming rates. Our health should be our top priority and we ask the National Board of Education, National Parks and Recreation and National Farmers Union and national/world organizations to address this issue with your constituents and STOP SPRAYING GLYPHOSATE GLOBALLY.

See research on links to many diseases and Glyphosate:

Glyphosate and Leukemia link.

Glyphosate/Modern Diseases Study page 1

For the full report ( which is 48 pages long and too big of a file for my site) go to

(1) from the latest 2007 report)

* Roundup is a registered trademark of Monsanto