To: The Montana State House, The Montana State Senate, and Governor Steve Bullock

Montana "Fake" Service Dog Law

Make "Fake" Service Dogs illegal in Montana. Stop people from purchasing and placing easily bought vests on their "pets" thus falsely representing their pet as a service dog or service dog in training. It is time for this to stop.

Why is this important?

Making it illegal in Montana to misrepresent or falsify a service dog or a service dog in training. I personally have observed people placing service dog vests on "pets" to avoid additional costs for air travel and lodging. People taking advantage of this only makes it more difficult for legitimate service dog teams and people with disabilities.


Reasons for signing

  • I work in a restaurant, I and other people in the restaurant business are tried of the misrepresentation of service dogs.
  • My wife has a service animal in training to assist her because she has over 60% hearing loss, and the hearing she has left is rapidly failing. We are constantly having to deal with suspicion or have to "prove" in some way that she is an actual service animal because people with untrained, unruly ESAs are demanding their pets receive special treatment because they have anxiety. And so help the poor, minimum wage clerk that tries to uphold a company's service-dog-only policy, because I have w...
  • As veteran with PTSD and a few physical issues I am very frustrated by the number of fake service dogs and other animals. I had to spend a lot of time and money in training Mako as my service dog. It is frustrating to see people put on a service dog vest on a non trained dog and the animal doesn't even have basic obedience. MAko and I have faced discrimination because of the fake service dogs in Montana, including Delta Airlines flying out of Helena