To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Moral Majority Against Viagra

These past few weeks, the media has focused on birth control coverage in insurance policies. Some media sources, such as Rush Limbaugh and Craig Bannister have rightfully pointed out that these policies are forcing the general public who pays into the same insurance premiums to fund the lifestyle choices of these promiscuous women.

However, no one has had the courage to address the fact that we are ALREADY funding the immoral sexual promiscuity of men in almost EVERY insurance policy (religious or not). Viagra, a pill that exist solely so that men can get an erection whenever the feel like it (whether it's natural or not) is covered by almost EVERY insurance policy in the United States.

Tell congress that you are against their insistence that we, the public, fund the wanton sex acts of these men! Tell them to introduce a bill excluding viagra coverage from all insurance policies so that we will not be forced to support the immoral sexual deviancies of men everywhere.

Why is this important?

These past few weeks, there has been excessive media focus on not forcing religious employers and schools to fund the sexual promiscuity of their female employee/students. However, the media has completely ignored the fact that Viagra (a drug whose sole purpose is to aide men in having an erection so that they can have sex) is funded by these same religious insurance plans. Tell congress you don't want YOUR money to fund the sexual exploits of men!