To: Governor Jay Inslee

Ask Gov. Inslee to issue a moratorium on all new "oil by rail" permits

Ask Governor Inslee for a moratorium on all new oil-by-rail permits until thorough, cumulative studies (full Environmental Impact Statements) are conducted on all safety, health, and environmental impacts from transporting oil by rail through our communities.

Why is this important?

I see mile-long Bakken oil trains⎯each carrying approximately 3 million gallons of volatile crude oil⎯roll through my small Skagit Valley community nearly every day. If all oil-by-rail permit requests are approved, many more potentially explosive oil trains will travel through Washington state every day. The dangers to the health and safety of our communities and our environment of transporting oil by rail, given the flammability of Bakken crude oil, the poor safety record of the tank cars currently carrying the oil, and the increased number of derailments as more trains transport oil, need to be studied and addressed before allowing more oil-by-rail trains to travel through Washington state.