To: President Donald Trump

Mr. President: End Arctic Drilling Now

In Shell's first year of trying to drill in the Arctic, it had a ship and an oil rig run aground, had to move an oil rig because of an approaching iceberg the size of Manhattan, and had problems getting federal safety inspectors to approve one of its main disaster response vessels.

Even if Shell had avoided those blunders, drilling in the Arctic is a bad idea -- and should be off the table entirely. The Arctic is both pristine and wild, and any drilling accidents would be a disaster for the environment and a nightmare to clean up.

Please ban Arctic drilling immediately and permanently.

Why is this important?

Shell Oil announced that it will not resume its oil drilling efforts in the Arctic. While this is not a promise to drop its goal of putting oil platforms in the wild, remote Arctic, it is an admission by Shell that their plans are fraught with problems.