To: President Donald Trump

Mr. President, Stop Deporting People who Could be Included in Immigration Reform

Please suspend deportations as Congress works to pass immigration reform. Make sure those seeking a path to citizenship aren't deported before it even opens.

Why is this important?

As Congress seeks to pass immigration reform, more than 1,100 people who could be included in reform are continuing to be deported each day.

People who came to the US looking for a better life, to provide for their families, and who call it home are pursuing political equality but may be taken away before a path to citizenship opens.

Right now, the government is spending $18 billion dollars each year, just on immigration enforcement. It's more than all other federal law enforcement agencies' budgets, combined. That wasteful spending isn't just destroying families. It hurts our communities, divides families,removes hard-working people who contribute to our neighborhoods and our civic life, and ultimately undermines our democracy.

Stopping deportations is sensible and humane. It resolves a crisis thousands are facing instead of prolonging it.

It makes sense to cease the removals today of the people that Congress could make citizens tomorrow. The President brought relief to Dreamers and has the ability to extend that same relief to their parents, neighbors, and all who could become citizens under immigration reform.


Reasons for signing

  • Please do Not deport Joe Guidice, he should be back with his family in the USA. He's done his time and im sure alot of people has suffered from it. If deported, he will surely do more time suffering away from his family. There are much more worse criminals Living Free in the USA. FREE JOE!
  • We are one race, the human race. Just because are pigmentation is different doesn't mean were different. There are only 2 different types of people in this world. Good people and bad people. Now if you were just removing bad people I'd probably be like fine. But you're removing innocent families and now children are loosing their parents. It isn't right. Even if you say that it's for "economic reasons" you're spending more money removing them than you'd be losing keeping them. I tried lookin...
  • Earth it’s self is just 1 planet so why can’t we stop separating ourselves from other parts of the planet. I’m tired of hearing about the hate and racism being spread across the world

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