To: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

MTA: Give Posman Books a New Lease

Renew the lease for Posman's Books in Grand Central Terminal.

Why is this important?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has decided to evict Posman Books from Grand Central Terminal. They are refusing to renew the independent bookseller's lease, and Posman's has to be out by December 31.

The bookstore's space will be used for storage while a new tower is built. However, the Rite-Aid next door to Posman's will remain in business.

New York is losing bookstores left and right. We cannot afford to lose another. Meanwhile, we're drowning in Rite-Aid (and Duane Reade, and Walgreens, and CVS).

MTA, your decision to deny a lease renewal to Posman's--an independent, long-time, local New York business--is unconscionable and immoral. By doing so, you are contributing to the cultural death of the city. We ask that you renew Posman's lease and find another space for storage.

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