To: The Alaska State House, The Alaska State Senate, Rep. Don Young (AK-), Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK-1), and Sen. Dan Sullivan (AK-2)

Murkowski, Sullivan, and Young: We need town halls

Around the nation, more and more representatives are canceling town halls or never scheduling them at all. Demand that our representatives in government hold public meetings to hear from their constituents.

Why is this important?

Our representatives work for us. Therefore, a vital part of representative democracy is public meetings in which members of the public get to talk face-to-face to their elected representatives in real time and get face-to-face answers to their questions. However, as opposition to the Trump administration grows louder, and representatives get uncomfortable, more representatives are choosing not to host these kinds of events at all. This is not okay. Representatives MUST be held to account by directly facing the people that their actions affect. Demand that they fulfill their duties to constituents. Demand that they listen.