To: Murrieta City Council

Murrieta City Council: Censure Mayor Long for inciting an anti-immigrant mob now!

The Mayor of Murrieta, Alan Long, openly incited a hostile mob that bombarded and harassed a bus full of child refugees. These actions are a clear violation of the City Council’s “Code of Conduct Policies” and justify an official reprimand by the Council as stated by their internal policies. We are calling on the Murrieta City Council to follow the Code of Conduct for elected officials and censure Mayor Alan Long now!

Why is this important?

I am a resident of Murrieta, and I believe that Mayor Alan Long should be censured for violating Murrieta's Code of Conduct and inciting an anti-immigrant mob that has damaged our City's reputation!

After Mayor Long made the time and location of the refugee transfer public and called on residents to send a strong message to Washington DC, a hostile crowd reacted by harassing a bus made up of mostly women and children from Central America and blocking their safe transfer to Border Control.

News outlets everywhere caught this anti-immigrant mob waving signs comparing the refugees to wet dogs, and even spitting in someone's face. Although many of these protestors were not even from Murrieta, the national coverage of this incident has stained the reputation of our community.

I know of good citizens in Murrieta who in no way share the sentiments of these extremists. Many in Murrieta reject this protest and do not believe it reflects the values of our city and the United States. Mayor Long and others took action that not only harms our reputation, but violates our City's Code of Conduct as well.

The Murrieta Code of Conduct requires elected officials to "refrain from participating in negative activity and avoid personal attacks against fellow officials, staff and the public to insure the reputation and integrity of those individuals and the city."

But this hostile mob can be traced directly to Mayor Long's press conference and subsequent Facebook posts about the transfer of refugees. He's even said that he's "proud" of what happened!

Our City Council’s Code of Conduct also tells elected officials: "Murrieta’s voting citizens are the ultimate enforcers of this code. However, I fully understand that I am subject to the City Council’s commendation or censorship, depending upon my ability to exemplify the ethical behavior promoted by this code."
I'm calling on the Murrieta City Council to follow the Code of Conduct for elected officials and censure Mayor Alan Long now!