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To: President Donald Trump, The South Carolina State House, The South Carolina State Senate, Governor Henry McMaster, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

MY BODY, MY CHOICE! End Forced Vaccination for clinicals to earn a degree in the health field

Stop the requirement of forced vaccination by hospitals to attend clinicals and earn a degree in the health field.

A thought provoking essay by a Leading Authority on Vaccination Dr. Sherri Tenpenney

Educational DVD's to make informed decisions about vaccination by a Leading Authority on Vaccination, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Learn the truth and facts about vaccination.

I am in no way associated with Dr. Sherri Tenpenney and provide these links for educational purposes as this is one of the resources I used to gain critical knowledge about the truth of vaccination.

Why is this important?

My name is Jon and I will be forced to be vaccinated in order to attend clinicals against my will and rights so I am allowed to earn my degree in the health field. I lost my job and was forced to move and was homeless for several months. Only by God's grace and one kind person was I able to get back on my feet and start attending college where I have earned a 4.0 and was accepted into a health program. I was told by the Vice president of the college that I must be vaccinated in order to attend clinicals and earn my degree and that it is the hospitals policy, not the schools. With my knowledge of the risks and dangers and the ingredients that are in the vaccines such as thimerosal, a man made mercury that destroys brain neurons and has 1,000's times more affinity to human tissue than mercury found in nature as well as the heavy metal, aluminum which is linked to degenerative brain disease such as alzheimers and dementia. Diploid cells which is aborted fetus tissue that the infectious agent is grown on. Formeldahyde (formalin) which is embalming fluid, extremely carcinogenic and up to 60 other chemicals in one vaccination. I definately do not consent to or want these chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and aborted fetus cells injected into my body along with the risk of disease and death associated with vaccination. If you knew the truth and facts you would not subject your children or yourself to vaccination. MY BODY, MY CHOICE.


Reasons for signing

  • It should be a choice to inject our bodies
  • Forced vaccination is not part of a free country, it is an earmark of tyranny
  • We the people want our Liberty, Justice and Freedom back. We should have the right to choose to be vaccinated with poisons and toxins. We already live in an environment full of poisons and toxins, why is it necessary to be forced to be injected against our basic right? Oh yeah, The BIg Pharma can't make a profit off you if you don't, it's disqusting and unethical and it's happening all across the nation and it needs to stop, Big Pharma needs to be made accoutable for what is happening to s...


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