To: The South Dakota State House, The South Dakota State Senate, and Governor Kristi Noem

Pass Natasha's Law for South Dakota

South Dakota should pass a harsher law for sober drivers who kill pedestrians or bicyclists while distracted.

Why is this important?

On July 16th 2014, 22 yr old mother Natasha Adams rode her bicycle to work, Natasha had just dropped her 3 yr old son off at his daycare moments before,unfortunately Natasha never made it to work, Natasha was hit and killed by a distracted driver. The consequence for the driver who caused the death of a precious life was much too easy, receiving only 2 traffic citations. There is no laws in South Dakota with harsher penalties and consequences for Drivers who are sober and kill pedestrian/bicyclists while distracted or negligent.
If you are driving distracted and you should take a life you should be held accountable to the same extent as an individual under the influence receiving jail time as well as losing your Operators license. Support Natasha’s Law to bring change to South Dakota and Make our Streets and Hiway’s safer. Maybe the next life that is spared will be yours.