To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

National Ballot Measure to Advance to Law: People of the United States Shall Decide Congressional...

Be it enacted by a vote in the seperate States and territorial possessions, that:

1) Congress will not have the power to vote on raises, the people, in the General Election, can decide if an individual Congressman deserves a raise for service.

2) Congress shall have it's pension program negated and fall under the same retirement and pension that all Federal Employees participate in.

3) Congress shall have the same benefits as all other Federal Employees, and no other.

4) Congress can accept no monies from any person's outside their congressional district, and that all monies must be reported to the respective State Attorney General. Failure to do so, the congressional member shall be subject to a fine of $250,000, loss of his seat in Congress, and/or not less than 10 years in jail, as determined by the jury.

5) At the direction of the President, Congress shall work on issues diligently in collaboration with one another and for the common good of the American People, and if deemed this is not occurring by the President, the President shall have the power to halt salaries for the period of time that it is deemed they have not acted in good faith negotitiations to resolve a particular issue.

6) No anonymous donations may be made to any third party organization and run ads for any candidate of any party because of the inherent dangers.

Why is this important?

To set limits on compensation for Congress.