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National Water Safety School Curriculum - Because Drowning is 100% Preventable

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that drowning is a neglected public health issue and very few seem to listen. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) drowning is a leading cause of accidental death!

So why does drowning get very little attention or funding? Because there is a Vicious Cycle of the Drowning Epidemic (

In schools today there are fire drills, tornado drills, active shooter drills, and even earthquake drills, but very little water safety education.

YET more school aged children will likely die drowning each year than in fires, tornadoes, school shootings, and earthquakes combined. Combined!

A Water Safety School Curriculum is the fastest approach to reach the largest audience and make a significant impact in the shortest amount of time. The GLSRP water safety curriculum would target elementary students, Junior High students, High School students, parents of each age group, and trainers of the curriculum.

Drowning is 100% preventable. It's time that we, as Americans, prevent drowning 100%!

Why is this important?

Drowning is 100% preventable. It's time that we, as Americans, prevent drowning 100%!

I, Dave Benjamin, survived a drowning accident in Lake Michigan December 26, 2010 and then I dedicated my life to water safety and drowning survival (video: .

I co-founded the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) with Bob Pratt where we:
--Track the Great Lakes drowning statistics (404 since 2010)
--Organize and Present “Great Lakes Water Safety” classes (Over 145 classes since 2011)
--Organize Surf Lifeguard Certification courses
--Work with family and friends of Great Lakes drowning victims to advocate water safety.

Great Lakes drownings are just the tip of the iceberg of the nationwide drowning epidemic, and it is time for drowning to cease being a "Neglected Public Health Issue"!

The GLSPR has the curriculum. Let's Launch it in the Great Lakes Region and then implement it nationwide.


Reasons for signing

  • its time for more safety. what about snow safety education? what if they die in the snow? we cannot let them die of hypothermia nor drowning. its rare for adults like me to die of drowning. kids die of drowning more than obesity and aneroxia not just murders, starvation, and accidents. stop vicious cycle of bullying, hate, and hunger. are you pro-life? then save the children now!
  • The facts don't lie!
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