To: Rick Cox, Chief Executive Officer/Owner, Cheryl Parker, Customer Service, and Dai Jinn, Chief Science Officer

Nature-throid and WP Thyroid Patients Want Answers!

RLC Laboratories has failed to respond to many patient's contact attempts regarding problems experienced with Nature-throid since manufacturing a/o formula changes experienced and to patients anxiously waiting for backorders of both Nature-throid and WP Thyroid to be filled.

Why is this important?

Faithful customers and patients of RLC laboratories have contacted the company repeatedly, by phone and email, regarding a host of problems experienced. Many patients, including myself, have experienced the usual constellation of hypothyroid symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, fluid retention, heavy hair loss, mood changes, cold intolerance, etc; which have been supported by lab results documenting plummeting FT3 and FT4 levels and increased TSH. Patients also have experienced backorder and fill problems with both medications. As longtime customers and purchasers of your product, we respectfully request acknowledgment of the problems experienced and the company plan to address same.


Reasons for signing

  • Hair falling out, low energy and collapsed then ended up in the ER for a TIA and low electrolytes etc...was on the recalled RX for 60 days. Before finding out it was recalled for lack of it working. I have three kids I have to be up for.
  • My hair was falling out and weight gain
  • My TSH hit 159 before I collapsed. I trusted Nature Throid for ten years and convinced many others to switch. Disgraceful!