To: Sen. Richard Burr (NC-1)

NC Senator Richard Burr: Hold a Town Hall with Your Constituents!

Please hold a public town hall for the constituents you represent and allow them to ask you about your votes and positions on policies that affect their daily lives.

Why is this important?

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina refuses to hold town halls with the public, thus allowing him to avoid his constituents and their questions. We the people of North Carolina deserve a Senator who will hear us out and be willing to speak with us about his positions and votes.

Repeated requests to his staff to hold town halls are met with derision and dismissal. In response to constituent Kim Y's request for a town hall, Senator Burr's Chief of Staff, Dean Meyers, replied, "No, I will not submit a request for a town hall meeting to the senator. If you have concerns, let me know about them and I will pass them along to the senator. No, I do not need your contact information, because we are not going to meet with you. If you are frustrated, that's YOUR frustration and I cannot help you with that. No, the senator will not have a town hall forum. No, I will not request one."

Senator Burr claims to be a public servant, but refuses even to meet with the public he represents. He has said this is his final term in office, meaning constituents won't even be able to hold him accountable at the ballot box. By not being accessible to constituents, Senator Burr has basically indicated he will not be held accountable for his votes for the next six years. What is Senator Burr afraid of? We deserve a town hall!