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To: Indiana Appeal Courts

Need re-trial for Joe Gonzalez

Need re-trial for Joe Gonzalez

To re-exam the evidence presented by the State during trial.

Why is this important?

Joseph Cruz Gonzalez, Jr. is innocently incarcerated for a crime of which was not proven in a court of law .A crime of which he is not guilty of by participation or of committing himself. The State failed to produce concrete or even substantial evidence of any wrong doing linking Joseph to this crime. Please join with me and the many others who believe wholeheartedly in Joseph's innocence by signing this petition to the Court of Appeals.

How it will be delivered

By mail


Reasons for signing

  • Necause im my son voice out here and he needs a retrial he is innocent
  • The State absolutely did not possess evidence needed to convict Joseph. His representation in court was lacking in crucial areas as well as a jury that took little to no time in deliberations. Adding to this, a jury whom some fell asleep while Joseph fought for his freedom.
  • I know Joe, hard to believe what happened


2021-01-13 16:57:18 -0500

Still trying to reach as many as i.can thanks to all.who have signed

2021-01-12 15:21:09 -0500

100 signatures reached

2021-01-11 14:11:34 -0500

50 signatures reached

2021-01-11 11:30:12 -0500

Thanks to the ones that have signed but we need more signatures the more the better

2021-01-11 08:26:49 -0500

25 signatures reached

2021-01-11 04:47:00 -0500

10 signatures reached