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New York State Public Schools vs. Governor Cuomo

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Governor Cuomo has underfunded our schools for too long. With his education reforms hidden within his new budget, the governor is determined to destroy our schools. We can not let the governor, and his misguided agenda, destroy what we have worked so hard to build in our state.

Why is this important?

As a parent and a public school teacher, I am disgusted with the amount of importance the governor is looking to place on standardized testing. Under the governor's new proposal, a teacher's evaluation would be based more than double what it is now on test scores. Children are already having too much of their school day wasted on test prep, with only 20% of teacher evaluations based on test scores. I can only imagine how out of control it would get with 50% of the evaluation based on test scores. We have great teachers across our state. TEACHERS are not the problem. Stop punishing schools and give them the money you owe them Mr. Governor. Put education ahead of your political agenda and billionaire charter school campaign contributors.