To: Senator Ted Cruz, Junior US Senator from Texas

Nigerians Demand Apology from Senator Ted Cruz for his Offensive Remarks. Now!

We the undersigned, Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria, write to express our outrage at the odious remarks credited to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, in which he weirdly related email scamming with the Obamacare website, and then gratuitously inserted a reference to Nigerians in between. Joke or not, we consider the remark highly offensive and not worthy of the high office that he represents, and certainly not worthy of the millions of Nigerians and their friends who voted him into office. Taking out on Nigerians his apparent frustration over President Barack Hussain Obama's recent re-election and ground-breaking health care program, and the recent roll-back of a Cruz-inspired US government shut-down, is completely unacceptable.

We demand an apology, acceptance of which will be predicated on the speed of its issuance, and our judgment of its genuineness.

The ball is in his court.

Why is this important?

Senator Ted Cruz tied glitches pn the Obamacare website with email scamming, and then made a crude reference to Nigerians. We consider that a gratuitous insult.