To: Shelburne Zoning Board of Appeals

No Cell Tower on Scenic and Ecologically-Sensitive Colrain-Shelburne Road

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Shelburne Residents: Deny AT&T's proposal for a 100 foot cell tower on the crest of the first hill coming up Colrain-Shelburne Rd, visible from Route 2.

Why is this important?

Three years ago, my wife and Colrain-Shelburne Rd. resident Godeliève Richard became electro-hypersensitive. She experiences numerous serious medical symptoms when exposed to wireless radiation. Her condition has plunged our family into hours and hours of research on the subject which have taught us that the current FCC standards are not adequately protecting U.S. citizens. The proposed cell tower would be the first glimpse motorists on Route 2 see of the "beautiful hilltowns." It is proposed in an area surrounded by wetlands and homes that include elderly people and children, the most vulnerable populations to health damage from EMF radiation. Studies have shown property values drop by an average of 15% around cell towers. The first night of the hearing on June 17 featured AT&T's lawyer asking for 3 "waivers" of Shelburne by-laws, including the one which states cell towers must be at least 500 feet from homes. This tower will be a mere 350 feet, essentially playing Russian roulette with innocent people's health. The hearing will be continued on July 29th at 7 pm in Memorial Hall, Shelburne Falls when an updated list of petition signers will be given again to the ZBA. Letters can be sent to [email protected] or mailed to ZBA, 51 Bridge Street. All letters received before July 29 will be considered by the Zoning Board. For cell tower research and resources go to