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To: President Donald Trump, The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, Governor Ron DeSantis, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

No Diversity and Racism at Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Stop the discrimination and harassment at Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. Black and Woman Lives Matter!

Why is this important?

" As one of 3 Black females in a department of ~1000, I have witnessed the callous and hostile culture an almost all white male department has towards the minority employees; and the poor and colored citizens that call 911 for help. People are being hurt with one known death and possible more due to inadequate medical care by Hills. County Fire Rescue personnel".


Reasons for signing

  • A woman and her children dying because of racial profiling is horrendous.
  • I got fired for sticking up for teenage girls by a trump supporter and I have white privilege. I know it’s like this x 10 around racism.
  • Get it together......... the world is moving on from this hatred.....


2020-10-27 13:47:17 -0400

100 signatures reached