To: PSC Commissioner Chair, Joe DeStefano, Mayor of Middletown, Basil Seggos, Acting Commisioner DEC, The New York State House, The New York State Senate, and Governor Andrew Cuomo


Whereas the CPV Valley Energy Center project will be a new source of over two million tons of greenhouse gases in New York state; will facilitate and depend on frack fields in Pennsylvania; is predicated on fracking in New York State; and will take us on the wrong road, away from a viable and sustainable energy future which can only be obtained with a turn towards 100% renewables; we the undersigned demand that all state, local, and federal agencies reject any applications or permits for this project. We further demand full legislative hearings on this project to address the many environmental, community, and policy impacts presented by it.

Why is this important?

New York state agencies are in the process of permitting several new gas-fired power plants such as the CPV Valley Energy Center in Orange County. These plants would be fueled by fracking in Pennsylvania and predicated on fracking in New York. This is the wrong road to take if we want a viable and sustainable energy policy that advances us toward 100% usage of renewable resources. Fracking is an inherently dangerous industrial process that is devastating communities in Pennsylvania as well as in New York, through its related infrastructure. We are opposed to the sale, transportation, and use of fracked gas. We demand that all New York state public officials as well as state agencies reject this project that depends on and facilitates fracking.


Reasons for signing

  • This plant would be highly toxic, dangerous (ammonia tanks right by I-84 and Middletown - hello, terrorists!) - raise carbon emissions statewide by 10% - obviously, the Wawayanda Planning Board made an insane life-threatening decision when they OK'd this project - the lives of millions of humans plus the rest of the ecosystem should not be harmed or just plain ended due to the abyssmally poor and reckless judgment of 6 or so individuals on a small town planning board - no matter how much mon...
  • This totally corrupt project must end!
  • Its Time To do the right thing and stop pollution by stopping CPV and its pipelines.

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