To: John Mork, Energy Corporation of America

No fracking the Beartooth Front

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We call upon Energy Corporation of America to discontinue any plans for fracking in the Beartooth Mountains and Bighorn Basin. Our land and water are at stake!

Why is this important?

Save the Beartooth front!

We, the citizens of South-Central Montana and others who love to travel here, declare that we will NOT stand by and allow our beloved landscape to be fracked for oil and gas. We do not need or want anything akin to the Bakken disaster in OUR backyard. Our land and water are at stake, and therefore our tourism and agricultural economies, not to mention our cherished outdoors that make this such a special place to live.

We call upon John Mork and his Energy Corporation of America to leave Montana, the last best place.

Thank you to all who sign.
Deb Muth, Chair
Carbon County Resource Council

Carbon County Resource Council, the local chapter of Northern Plains Resource Council, aims to bring together the hundreds of people who have begun to cry out in response to news that we may be facing the disaster of fracking here in the Beartooths and Big Horn river basin.

Northern Plains Resource Council is a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group. We organize Montana citizens to protect our water quality, family farms and ranches, and unique quality of life.