To: Tulsa Development Authority

No More Dollar General Stores in North Tulsa

Dollar General is not the type of economic development that North Tulsa needs.

Why is this important?

Dollar General is planning to build next door to Carver Middle School. Family we have to fight this!!! North Tulsa is over saturated with Family Dollar Stores and Dollar Generals. The life expectancy for those who live North Tulsa are 10 years less than those who live in South Tulsa. We have no quality grocery stores in North Tulsa but our community continues to see these processed food sanctuaries on every corner in North Tulsa! Enough is Enough! Our lives depend on it!


Reasons for signing

  • I would like to get more involved, if that is possible? Could some info be mailed to me, as to how to do it? Thanks.
  • No more!!! No more cheap, chemical laden food. We need fresh produce! Quality brands, oraganic options, healthy options!
  • Letter in support of a Moratorium on dollar stores Residents of North Tulsa live, about, 10 years less than residents in other parts of Tulsa; they live in a food desert without access to healthy foods. The majority of food at Dollar stores have extreme concentrations of salt and sugar. Effects of too much salt:  In 2011, Canadians studied 1,200 older sedentary adults with normal brain function, over three years, high-sodium diets increased risk of cognitive decline.  High-sodium die...