To: Kathleen Matthews, Chair of the Democratic Party

No More "Official Democratic Sample Ballots" in Maryland Democratic Primaries

In Maryland, thousands of residents received "Official Democratic Sample Ballots" in their mailboxes multiple times during a DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, which created voter confusion. Many voters were tricked into believing the certain candidates were no longer Democrats, no longer running, or running for different positions. This practice was created to confuse voters into believing that certain candidates were supported by the Democratic party when all candidates are Democrats in a Democratic Primary.

The party should not be involved in purposely confusing Democratic voters. It is time for this practice to end. Sign this petition to ensure that we protect our community from misleading information.

Why is this important?

We have witnessed many voters confused by the "Official Democratic Sample Ballots" as they brought them to the polls believing that the pre-selected ballots were official selections by the Democratic Party. No party should be involved in tricking and deceiving voters.


Reasons for signing

  • As a candidate running for the Board of Education, my campaign has been impacted by these sample ballots. I am very fortunate to have moved past the primary. These fake ballots need to stop.
  • despicable practice
  • Very shamefull! Our children are watching!!

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