To: Mary Pat Clarke, Councilwoman, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor, and Bernard "Jack" Young, City Council President

No more RPP in Hampden

We, the undersigned residents, businesses owners, and visitors of Hampden DO NOT WANT additional Residential Permit Parking (RPP) to be implemented in our Baltimore neighborhood.

The expansion of RPP in Hampden will do nothing to alleviate parking issues in our neighborhood, either perceived or real. The expansion of RPP will only add to our neighborhood’s parking issues, creating preferential parking areas on public streets for some area residents, while taking the right to public on street parking away from others, and discriminating against homeowners and business alike.

Please immediately withdraw any RPP legislation affecting Hampden from the Baltimore City Council’s docket.

Why is this important?

Residential Permit Parking can not solve Hampden's parking issues. Residential parking forces residents to pay for area parking permits without guaranteeing any actual parking for those permit holders. It simultaneously takes the right to park on publicly owned and maintained streets away from other neighbors, creating discrimination and division within the neighborhood.


Reasons for signing

  • I live in Hampden, NO RPP! There is no valid research to support the proposals outline. Let the building go up and see what happens, then figure out if there is a need to create more restrictions. NOT BEFORE!
  • Put an underground garage where Roosevelt Field is. . .then restore the field atop said gagage to include bleachers, landscaping, etc.
  • I am a business owner in Hampden, and already have a loss of customers due to restricted parking. Please don't push your local merchants out!

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