To: Joyce Slocum, NPR Interm CEO, Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, CBS News, Steve Capus, President of NBC News, Ben Sherwood, President of ABC News, Paula Kerger, President and CEO, PBS, Ted Turner, Turner Broadcasting (CNN), and Rupart M...

No More Think Tanks!

We the undersigned demand that the media pledge to refuse to speak with researchers, speakers or use research from privately funded think tanks regardless of said think tank's political affiliation.

Privately funded Think Tanks only serve as a mouthpiece for private donors with very politically slanted agenda and only serve to manipulate the media and public to serve that agenda.

Please put an end to the influence of these agenda mills by not feeding their causes and refuse to use their research or speakers in your stories and refuse to have them guest on your shows, and only use research and speakers from publicly funded accredited Universities or other reputable non biased, publicly funded sources .

Why is this important?

Demand a pledge from all news organizations to refuse to give politically motivated Think Tanks a mouthpiece to spread their political agendas regardless of affiliation.
Think Tanks are the agenda mills of corporations and only serve to manipulate the public will to their political agendas.
The only way to stop their influence is to refuse to give them air time to legitimize their causes.


Reasons for signing

  • I totally agree biased 'quote' research 'end-quote' does not contribute to public awareness but adds to the flames of disunity of our country...
  • You should know gthat it is a proven fact that these think tanks use "ringers", political hacks with no credentials whatever, sent in as "experts" on whatever issue the networks want to discuss, and merely spout talking points. If you'd do some basic checking on google etc. BEFORE putting them on the air, you'd find that out.
  • Let's get back to news, not propaganda.