To: Maura Healey, Attorney General, The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, and Governor Charlie Baker

No More "Tobacco Science" Health Testimony for MA DPU

Massachusetts residents are indirectly financing 'junk science' by tobacco scientist Peter Valberg through taxes and utility rates. This petition calls on the Governor, the AGO, and the legislature to investigate the lack of adequate health and environmental protections for residents, caused by possible collusion between Gradient Corporation, the MA Dept. of Public Utilities, and the corporations the DPU is supposed to regulate.

Why is this important?

Massachusetts residents report harm due to the installation of utility infrastructure, including wireless utility meters and wind turbines.
Tobacco scientist Peter Valberg of the product defense firm Gradient
has provided compromised safety testimony to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and other regulatory boards for many major projects, including:
- transmission lines, substations, and transportation corridors
- deployment of wireless utility meters
- wind turbines
Peter Valberg is a mercenary scientist.;;
As an example of his influence, in 2014, the MA DPU published a flawed and inaccurate smart meter order on the basis of Valberg testimony that has the potential to deleteriously impact every home and business.
In light of threats to the survival of residents in their own homes, the need for an immediate, independent, transparent, public investigation of possible collusion between the MA DPU, the industry it is supposed to regulate, and product defense that skews the safety science while endangering health is warranted prior to proceeding with MA DPU projects for which Gradient has provided expert testimony, or where health complaints have emerged due to telecommunications and utility installations that are inadequately regulated for the protection of citizens and the environment.


Reasons for signing

  • All utilities in u.s. have lied about ami safety. Is this a form of inside terrorist attack in our country
  • I've heard about that shill scientist in regard to smartmeters. Get rid of him, I say.
  • Let put an end to the wasting of tax dollars to push lies, and propaganda. We The People deserve to know the truth, "The Real Truth"