To: Washington State Department of Ecology

No New Coal Mines in Washington State!

After more than 20 years of dormancy, the Pacific Coast Coal Company is trying to resume pit-coal mining at the John Henry No. 1 coal mine in Black Diamond, Washington – just 30 miles away from Seattle. The John Henry coal mine would cause an estimated 250,000 tons of carbon pollution each year, the equivalent of 51,000 cars. The project will cause harmful environmental impacts to local water and air quality – risking public health, wildlife, and reversing decades of progress towards transitioning Washington away from dirty fossil fuels.

Washington Department of Ecology, please protect our public waters and local communities from dirty and dangerous coal by denying a permit to the Pacific Coast Coal Company that would violate State Water Quality Standards and the Clean Water Act in the face of climate change.

Why is this important?

Western Environmental Law Center is a nonprofit, public-interest environmental law firm. Our expert attorneys are committed to fighting in court to safeguard the climate and transition away from dirty fossil fuels.


Reasons for signing

  • We must move to renewable energy and move from fossil fuels including coal having such a negative impact on ecosystems and climate change
  • We need to put trump into a coal mine,, dump a load of dead fish heads on his head and seal it closed - or at least impeach the ego maniac
  • I am a native Washingtonian.

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