To: The California State Senate and Governor Gavin Newsom

No on the State of Jefferson

The State of Jefferson (SoJ) movement consists of a small minority of Tea Partiers attempting to represent all residents of Northern Rural California Counties. My signature joins the majority of residents in the impacted rural counties that want no part of the SoJ and desire to remain a part of the great State of California.

Why is this important?

A small group of Tea Partiers are petitioning the California State Legislature to form the State of Jefferson. This effort would result in the poorest state in the Union, financially bankrupt as soon as it became a state. There are no provisions for schools, colleges, roads, law enforcement or fire protection. We can ill afford to remain silent and let a small radical group represent us without saying "NO"!


Reasons for signing

  • This has been going on since 1941. Its about time we become our own. State. We have nothing to do with sacramento. San francisco or los angeles law maker. We need to stand together and stand strongn
  • Keep it California!
  • No making a white,nazi,gun state out of my home. Never!

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