To: President Donald Trump

No one is above the law.

We, the undersigned, feel that at the beginning of your administration, you provided what we consider a "blanket pardon" to members of the Bush Administration for the reason of "moving our country forward". In doing that, you neglected to expose many acts of possible wrong-doing by members of the administration who had conducted and/or advised President Bush on many items including waging a war against a sovereign nation without proof that a significant "clear and present danger" to the United States or it's allies existed. The result of this single act mentioned resulted in massive destruction and wastefulness including the death and/or maiming of several thousand American military and support personnel, Iraqi civilians and the purposeful destruction of much of the Iraqi infrastructure. The war event and several other possible crimes must be investigated and individuals involved, no matter how highly placed in the administration, must also be investigated and, if criminal activity evidence is found, charged and answer for criminal activities proven, including war crimes, performed during their tenure in the Bush administration. We realize that investigations will be very expensive but feel that the American way of decency and "Freedom and Justice for all" must be preserved and protected at any cost. Thank you for reading our letter.

Why is this important?

Investigation of possible illegal acts by the G.W. Bush Administration.