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To: House Speaker

No Pay Raise for Congress After Republicans Blocked a Pay Raise for Parents!

Stand with us to tell the House Speaker and House Republicans that they don't deserve an $8,000 pay raise after blocking a $3,600 pay raise for parents!

Last year, every single Republican voted to end sending parents up to $300 every month to make it more affordable to start a family. While the expanded Child Tax Credit was in place, it was a 1000% return on investment, with $10 spent in the economy for every $1 spent on working families, and if it were in place for another year, it would lead to the creation of 500,000 full-time private sector jobs. But, now, House Republicans are moving to line their own pockets with taxpayer dollars instead of boosting the country's economy.

The expanded Child Tax Credit payments aligned naturally with the way many working families budget — month by month — and their reliability reduced household stress and enabled parents to work, plan, and provide for their children and communities. Parents were twice as likely to stop short-term payday loans, using pawnshops, or even selling their plasma to make ends meet. They reported starting new professional trainings while receiving the credit, helping them run their own small businesses or start one.

With their $3,600 pay raise, the overwhelming majority of parents reported spending payments on the basics for their kids — food, rent, utilities, clothing, and education — helping lift 4 million children from poverty. In total, 61 million children across the country benefitted from the expanded Child Tax Credit, leading to an immediate 25% drop in food insufficiency rates, meaning fewer kids went hungry and more were eating healthier meals. Republicans, however, took that away.

Add your name to join us. It's time for the House Speaker and House Republicans to raise parents' pay before their own!

Why is this important?

While parents across the country are struggling to keep the lights on and put food on the table, most lawmakers in Congress make $174,000 — nearly double the average household income. But, now that isn't enough for House Republicans, who are trying to give themselves an $8,000 pay raise, even after blocking a $3,600 pay raise to parents.

For all their finger-pointing and yelling about rising costs, House Republicans seem to have little concern about real solutions to help working families make ends meet. Instead of restarting the expanded Child Tax Credit and lowering the cost of living, House Republicans are lining their own pockets with taxpayer dollars.

That's why we're standing up to say NO PAY RAISE FOR CONGRESS until House Republicans give parents a pay raise, too.




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