To: The New Hampshire State House, The New Hampshire State Senate, and Governor Chris Sununu

No Pipelines, No Northern Pass. For jobs and our economy, renewable energy now!

New Hampshire's leadership on clean energy will increase jobs, grow the economy, attract businesses and help retain youth. Efficiency and renewable energy will reduce costs without controversial, taxpayer-burdening, large-scale infrastructure.

Why is this important?

New Hampshire residents want efficiency and clean, safe, homegrown renewable energy, not massive infrastructure projects that threaten our scenic state and rural way of life.

Opposed the NED pipeline and opposes energy infrastructure that threatens our water, air, health, safety, farms, rural culture, historic villages and children with frequent natural (fracked) gas leaks and emissions from compressor stations that include trade secret chemicals undisclosed to the U.S. government.

Opposes the Northern Pass that would install massive unsightly towers, rip through the White Mountains impacting towns, tourism, scenic vistas, water quality and wildlife. HydroQuebec clear-cuts carbon-trapping forests, poisons water and has left salmon near extinction.


Reasons for signing

  • Gov. Sununu, you're lack of attention to these issues and subservience to corporate control put you on the wrong side of history. The choices you make are yours to live with.
  • Natural gas is not a bridge fuel. In the US, utilities can charge customers for gas lost through leaks. Ergo, there is no incentive to fix leaks. Natural gas (NG) is methane. Methane is 84 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 for two decades after release. This makes NG dirtier than oil, and almost as dirty as coal. Some think (falsely) NH homes will be cold in the winter without Granite Bridge Pipeline (GBP). This may be because Liberty Utilities predicts many homeowners will switc...
  • We didn't want the NED pipeline through the Monadnock region or anywhere else when we booted Kinder Morgan to the curb back in 2016 and we don't want it or need it now! Keep fracked gas out of our state. It will destroy the natural beauty of New Hampshire and will cause many people to lose their homes. This is not okay!! Do the right thing and keep fracked gas out of New Hampshire!