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To: President Joe Biden and his administration

No Police Unions at the Table!

Police unions have consistently demonstrated hostility in the face of any attempts at police accountability or reform. History shows that they will do everything in their power to undermine progress and thus should not be given a seat at the table among those seeking to achieve reform. When given an opportunity, they’ll thwart it. We call on you to stop consulting with police unions, exclude them from sincere discussions on police accountability and reform, and publicly denounce the role they’ve played in stifling policing reform.

Why is this important?

As a candidate, Joe Biden promised that he would take “real action” on police reform. But now, as President, he is consulting with police unions, arguably the biggest enemies of police accountability, reform, and justice. Even worse, the Biden administration is actually touting police unions’ support for their approach to police reform, welcoming police unions into the conversation, and reinforcing the false idea that police unions are reasonable actors who deserve a voice in conversations about police accountability. It’s dangerous and it needs to be called out—if the Biden administration is serious about change, they can’t afford to give police unions an opportunity to sabotage reform.

Biden, in his first address as President-elect, said this:
"The African American community stood up again for me. You’ve always had my back, and I’ll have yours."

As millions of protesting Americans—especially Black Americans—have shown, police accountability is an incredibly urgent issue, one that will remain a top priority until real reform is passed. But as long as police unions are taken seriously in any policymaking, any such reform will stay impossible. Police unions are a dangerous obstacle to achieving even the most basic progress.

We’re urging the Biden administration to do the right thing: publicly denounce the role that police unions have played in stifling efforts for accountability and commit to not giving them a seat at the table as the issue of police reform is negotiated and pursued.



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