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To: The Supreme Court of the United States

No president should have "absolute immunity"!

Nobody is above the law, including ex-President Donald Trump. His legal argument that anyone who's been president has "absolute immunity" from prosecution for any crimes they commit couldn't be more dangerous or wrong. A D.C. court agrees.

Now that the Supreme Court has decided to take Trump's appeal, they must rule against him, denying Trump full, absolute immunity. Our democracy depends on it!

Why is this important?

Donald Trump thinks he’s above the law and should not be held to the same standards as the rest of us. And that’s really because he’s trying to get out of his federal election subversion criminal trial before November’s election. His thinking is, if he can just make it through the election and win, he’ll get the chance to pardon himself. He must be stopped.

Earlier this year, a D.C. circuit court ruled unanimously that Donald Trump does not have full, "absolute immunity" from ever being prosecuted for anything just because he was president. Now, he is asking the Supreme Court to block this decision, granting him immunity from prosecution.

Last summer, special counsel Jack Smith charged Trump with four federal felonies for conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election, leading up to and on January 6. He has claimed he should be fully immune from prosecution for the crimes he committed and is relying on the far-right, Trump-stacked court to save him.

Trump will exhaust all options to avoid accountability for the crimes he’s committed. This is just his latest attempt, but if he’s successful, the consequences are grave. The Supreme Court should not play into Trump's tactics to postpone accountability and justice. Since they have decided to take Trump's appeal, they must rule against him, denying Trump full, absolute immunity.



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