To: The Alaska State House, The Alaska State Senate, and Governor Mike Dunleavy

No Road to Ambler

Governor Walker, please put an immediate stop to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority's proposal to build a 220 mile road from the Dalton Highway to the Ambler Mining District over 161 of Alaska's rivers and streams. It is fiscally irresponsible and environmentally disastrous.

Why is this important?

The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority's (AIDEA) 220-mile road proposal is poorly planned and studied and does not adequately account for long term damage to local wildlife, waterways, and ways of life. AIDEA's consistent disrespect of major local opposition while spending state funds to subsidize corporate liabilities and privatize foreign profit is not consistent with Walker administration values. This project should be stopped before wasting any additional resources.


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  • Save the wildlife migration routes
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