To: Matt Bond, Chairman of Content Distribution for NBCUniversal, Lorne Michaels, Producer, Saturday Night Live, Brian Roberts, Chairman/President/CEO Comcast Corp, and Stephen B. Burke, President/CEO NBCUniversal

No Room For Hate On Saturday Night Live: Tell NBC To Dump Donald Trump As Host

Mass deportation is not funny! By allowing Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is excusing and even validating Trump's hateful comments about immigrants and Latinos. Tell NBC to dump Donald Trump as host of Saturday Night Live!

Why is this important?

Saturday Night Live recently announced that Donald Trump would serve as host of the program on November 7, 2015, one year from the 2016 general election.

The popular comedy show, which has been criticized for not adequately representing Latinos, is broadcasted by NBC - the same network that terminated its relationship with Donald Trump over his derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants.

Now, just three months after cutting ties with Donald Trump, NBC is seeking to boost its ratings at the expense of Latinos and immigrants by allowing Trump to host one of its most popular shows.

By inviting Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is demonstrating that it doesn’t care about its Latino and pro-immigrant viewers. It is providing a platform for Trump’s insulting attacks on immigrants and calling it entertainment -- something we do not find funny.

It is shameful for NBC to allow Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, a comedy show when one of the main policies he has promised would rip apart millions of immigrant and Latino families.

NBC cannot bill hateful rhetoric as comedy, much less entertainment. Tell NBC to drop Donald Trump as host of Saturday Night Live!