To: Karen Bennett, Rick Bernhardt, and Mayor Karl Dean


THE SOCIAL CLUB is a members only Swinger's Club formally located at 700 Division Street moving to 520 Lentz Drive in Madison, TN, next to GoodPasture School, in a residential area, and a business area which is evolving with proposed district changes according to Metro Planning Nashville Next program. This district could be a crown jewel for development for Madison and bring strong businesses, corporations, new residents and light manufacturing. Having a sexually charged establishment so close to a school, in an evolving business district in a residential neighborhood is a huge detriment to the revitalization of Madison, TN. This sexually oriented club should be located in a hidden industrial area or in a location very far from a school, a church, residential and/or evolving business environment. Hasn't Madison suffered enough from negative businesses moving in and the economic devaluation of the past. We were and are the crown jewel of Davidson County with so much opportunity and infrastructure in place to encourage overall quality of life and wellbeing establishments to thrive. Say NO to The Social Club Swinger's Club! We do not want this business in Madison.

Why is this important?

We are starting this petition because our children are the future. Neighborhoods matter. Communities have a voice. We do not want this establishment (a hard core sex club called The Social Club) relocating to 520 Lentz Drive which is next door to Goodpasture Christian School K-12, in a medical building in a medical professional campus where there are pediatric doctors, in our evolving business district, nor in our residential areas. Our once darling Madison has suffered enough from blight and economic loss. We are working hard to bring back our community. Madison, TN, is on a mission for healthy revitalization and attracting elite investors and strong developers to bring this community back to a quality of life area to live, work and play for its residents, employees, business owners and service folks. We do not want these negative-type businesses dragging down the value of our properties, contributing to loss of business to others, sabotaging economic worth for the community and threatening our quality of life in our area. We as a community feel disrespected by this business because they never considered impact on community as part of their location research. This petition will continue until we stop this club from opening at 520 Lentz Drive, see the location here: