To: Rep. Bruce Poliquin, Sen. Angus King, Rep. Chellie Pingree, and Sen. Susan Collins

No TPP for Maine - it's about Jobs, Climate and ISDS

Thank you for supporting Maine jobs when you voted NO on Fast Track.

In order to protect Climate Policy Space, Maine jobs, and to protect Maine from ISDS (investor state dispute settlement), please vote No on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Why is this important?

We have a perfect storm coming at us. Looking into my rear view mirror, I've seen police close down a flooded I-95, and have learned that Sea Level impacts Maine disproportionately. Looking forward, I can see that we will sorely need trade and climate for People. TPP negotiations have just been finalized. Starting today, through COP21 and beyond, we need to envision what Climate Policy can look like without having restrictions and blinders placed on Mainers by the TPP. And why has the TPP text been kept "secret" for 5 years until Nov 5, 2015? Mainers like to see and to lead on.


Reasons for signing

  • time to surpport peoples rights over corprate greed?
  • I believe that anyone who votes for this undemocratic and bullying treaty can expect to be out of their Congressional seat come next election cycle.
  • The former trade deals have hurt us all. Why should this one be any different?