To: President Donald Trump

"NOMUD--Not One More Unnecessary Death"

Until We, the People have an equitably tax-funded, single-payer, Universal Health Care System in the United States of America, one that takes care of every single member of our "ship of State", our Congress shall not have one either! It's as simple as this statement to our Congressional leaders: figure out how we can ALL be equal in our quest for good health, or you will NOT be entitled to yours!!

Why is this important?

The United States of America has landed itself in one big, unhealthy, uncaring, disorganized, anti-intellectual, dollar-driven, wealth-centric lifeboat, after abandoning the big ship of 'prosperity-for-all' long ago, in favor of a selfish, but well-financed crew of dysfunctional rowers, who are directionally challenged, and whose course is never progressively beneficial to anyone still on board! By most estimates, we toss more than 100 people a day overboard to their deaths, because we WILL NOT (real Americans never say "cannot") establish a system of real Health Care that sees us as one people, all together, in the same boat!! Our antiquated, impotent system is LOSING LIVES!! Don't we HAVE TO CARE about that??! Please sign this petition for an equitably tax-funded, single-payer, Universal Health Care System that is state-of-the-art, and second to NO OTHER country on earth!! Please help make us healthy, by helping us to once again care about even the least able of our valuable citizens!!