To: President Donald Trump, The Maine State House, The Maine State Senate, Governor Janet Mills, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Non Profit only for Health Insurance

In the interest of creating a climate for affordable health insurance coverage buy eliminating the profit dimension, require any company in the US that offers health insurance coverage to be a non profit entity

Why is this important?

The conversion of non-profit health insurance companies to for-profit insurers has required there be profits payable to shareholders. The equation should only include providers, health care costs and patients. Require health insurers to be non profit companies and replace the interest of shareholders with the interests of stakeholders: patients and their providers.


Reasons for signing

  • The lack of affordable health care insurance is taking this country down. Stop the greed, join other leading countries in the world and care for and protect our citizens NOW.
  • wouldnt that be awesome. No way it will ever happen though , One can dream though.
  • We pay $1200/mo. for health insurance, but have to pay out of pocket all wellness costs on top of that. And we get no benefit from that astronomical monthly cost unless we have some catastrophic accident or illness. We get no break for good health and wellness. Take the profit out of health insurance so that the common family can participate at a reasonable level.