To: Harold Deas, CEO Acella Labs

NP Thyroid by Acella

NP Thyroid patients want answers as to their experiences with batches of NP received in 2019 that appear to be of inconsistent potency, have rancid taste a/o smell, and changed appearance.

Why is this important?

Many patients reporting problems at thyroid patient advocate sites and other have experienced return of hypo symptoms (some hyper, some mixed) with batches of NP received in 2019, particularly summer of 2019. In many cases , changes experienced were supported by laboratory evaluation. While some patients have been contacted directly as result of their reporting of problems, the patient community overall would like an explanation and plan of corrective action. We depend on NP Acella a/o other dessicated thyroid meds for life and quality of life.


Reasons for signing

  • I noticed a change in taste but didn't realize that it was from the basic formulation...just did labs...gaining weight. NOT HAPPY. We should have been notified. Sourcing from CHINA...really??? are you kidding me? they are the worst on honesty and quality.
  • I have LOVE NP Thyroid until I opened my 120 mg bottle purchased on 11/2/19. I put the first of 120 tablets in my mouth and about spit it out! It smells and tastes like CAT PEE! What in the world happened to the NP Thyroid I loved? PLEASE be honest with us about what changed with NP Thyroid.
  • I am on this medication and changes in meds have really affected how I feel and the fact I am going bald as a woman.

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