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Nucca, National Upper Cervical Association, saves lives. Everyone needs to be checked out. the more you know the better you wil feel.

The x-rays are done on a grid so regular conventinal hospitals donot have the knowledge yet. Please get the x-rays covered by medicare and medicaid.

Our spinal coards are protected by the encasing of the bones of the spine. When the atlas. the cervical 1 which rules the divine, shift out of place from on top of the cervical 2 , the axis, our spinal cord gets cut off and every systems in our body.

Many vidoes are posted on youtube about nucca.

It is like two donuts sitting ontop of each other.

When they are not and shifting out of place the spine hurts the body starting with the CNS and PCN.

All the muscles in the body are connect form the altas down to the hip.

When the pressue points easliy done with nucca up in the brain stem are done instant relief from the pain along with a regular chiorpractor for the Thoracic and Lumbar spine.

Also many hospitals could start having chiropractors full time.

The people can get to sleep.

Pain in not normal.

Why is this important?

Medcare and medccaid covering all nucca x-rays.