To: Kurt Miller, President, Tacoma School Board, Scott Heinze, Vice President, Tacoma School Board, Karen Vialle, Tacoma School Board Member, Catherine Ushka, Tacoma School Board Member, and Debbie Winskill, Tacoma School Board Member

Nuclear Emergency Training for High School Junior and Seniors

I petition the Tacoma School Board and the Tacoma School District 10 to provide classroom instruction to students of the 11th and 12th grades in dealing with serious man-made as well as natural emergency situations, such as:

- Nuclear weapons incident
- Nuclear power accident causing the release of radiation or elements that are life threatening
- Transporter of nuclear weapons accident
- The spill of oil or any toxic chemical that endanger fish, animal, or human life
- Volcanic earthquakes
- Flow of lava (lahars)
- Flooding
- Tsunamis

Why is this important?

Major man-made or natural disasters are often followed by deep chaos. The more knowledgeable we all are in how to deal with those disasters, the more capable we will be of saving lives and communities. That education should begin in our school in the hopes that younger generations can build a safer and stronger society.