To: Todd Valentine and Robert Brehm, Co-executive directors, Peter Kosinski, NY Board of Elections co-chair, Douglas Kellner, NY Board of Elections co-chair, Andrew Spano, NY Board of Elections commissioner, and Gregory Peterson, NY Board of...

NY Board of Elections: Conduct Full Statewide Audit of Voter Purges

Conduct a full audit of New York counties that have purged voters from their rolls in the past year. Make the results of the audit public.

Why is this important?

The right to vote should be seen as a sacred right for all citizens. However, the New York State Board of Elections has purged over 60,000 voters from the rolls in Kings County — the most populous county, which houses Brooklyn — between October and April, just before the New York primary. A voter can be moved from active to inactive status if they have not voted in two consecutive federal elections (or four years). However, only 10,000 voters have been added to the "inactive" list, meaning that over 50,000 voters are unaccounted for. Kings County is one of only seven counties, out of a total of sixty-two, that reported a drop in Democratic voters. As of April 19, no official explanation has been given for why these voters were removed from the rolls.

We demand a full, statewide audit of all voter purges across New York. We further demand that the unedited results of the audit be published online for public view.


Reasons for signing

  • We need our voting machines around the world checked for election tampering.Republicans like to cheat it's time we take this fight to the next level court.No more cheating ,purging,tampering,keeping minorities from voting republicans fight democrats.It's time to win big!
  • We need open primaries and same day registration. Voting is a RIGHT. not a privilege.
  • I was one of the ones whose name was purged from the rolls after having lived at the same address and voting from the same polling place for 35 years. There is something very wrong with the Board of Elections in New York City and they should be investigated.