To: The New York State House, The New York State Senate, and Governor Andrew Cuomo

NYS, stop taking money from public schools. End the (GEA) and restore Foundation Aid

In 2009 NYS faced a budget deficit which they decided to close using public school funds. They created the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) to pay for the shortfall, leaving our schools with no options but to make drastic cuts. Now in 2014 Governor Cuomo stated in his victory speech that NYS has a 4 billion dollar surplus. However, our schools are still suffering.

Why is this important?

We started this petition to inform the public that public school funding has been reduced over the past 5 years. Schools across NYS have cut thousands of teachers and hundreds of courses. Many students are forced to sit in study halls instead of having electives that encourage diversity and college preparation. Reading programs have been cut, sports programs have been dissolved and the class of 2015 will have far less than the class of 2009. Please join us to restore the lost funds for our students.


Reasons for signing

  • All children should have the same opportunities and receive a well-rounded education. Having a "fiscally stressed" district prevents our children from having these opportunities. Please eliminate the GEA so we do not have to make anymore drastic cuts. Our kids school years should be memorable, not miserable especially because of government legislation that is ultimately destroying their education.
  • The time to remove the Albany politics from education in NYS is well over due. The nonsense must stop. I find it absolutely disgusting that you, our elected representatives, are so willing to sacrifice the education of our children for the sake of your own political well being. We will be speaking loud and voting do decide carefully who you wish to pledge your alligence to - your constituents or your Albany cronies.
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