To: Mark Thompson, President & Chief Executive Officer, The New York Times Company

NYT: Fire Bret Stephens or we'll pull our subscriptions.

The New York Times has hired the columnist Bret Stephens, a climate denier who lies about the data in print. This hire legitimates the fossil-fuel industry propaganda that there are “two sides” to some sort of debate over climate science.

This is the issue of our lifetime, and NYT is about to get it very wrong. So, Mark Thompson, fire Bret Stephens or we'll all unsubscribe or avoid subscribing until he's gone!

Why is this important?

Climate Change is the Biggest issue of our times. It underlies and exacerbates issues of food insecurity and health, and is tossed around as if it's just politics as usual. We cannot continue to let the issue be normalized to a normal debate. It's time we do something to hold media accountable.


Reasons for signing

  • He just went way too far, advocating for opening up states without any medical basis whatsoever.
  • from your parent company's website: "We seek the truth and help people understand the world." I love to read rational, fact-based arguments that challenge me. Frequently, Mr. Stephens fails to meet, or even approach, the spirit of that statement.
  • And get rid of Ross Douthat and David Brooks, as well.