To: Governor Brian Sandoval

Officer Lagier, Warm Springs Correctional Center

Have Officer Sean Lagier, Warden Smith and Cynthia Thomas of the Nevada Department of Corrections investigated and have action brought against them for mistreatment and gross mishandling of the inmates at Warm Springs Correctional Center.

Why is this important?

Officer Sean Lagier is a Correctional Officer at Warm Springs Correctional Center in Carson City, NV. Officer Lagier was a victim of an attack by two inmates on January 31, 2012. The attack was provoked by Officer Lagier because of his intense harrassment of the inmates. Officer Lagier has a record for harrassing the inmates so severely that he was put on probation at one point and has had many grievances against him, yet they are considering bringing him back on duty at Warm Springs. This cannot happen, this man needs to be investigated and action needs to be brought against him, as well as Ms Cynthia Thomas and Warden Smith, who not only knew of the Officer's sadistic behavior, but encouraged it.